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Co wy na to?

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‘Co Wy na to?’ is a podcast hosted by Asia Wala who will be touching on several issues linked to living in Sheffield.

Asia Wala has twenty years’ experience working in the advice and education sectors in Sheffield. During these years she has been part of several projects which include Building Successful Families, refugees, and housing and providing the knowledge and confidence required to find their way forward for local residents.

As a part of cultural heritage, she also contributes to the community by teaching at Saturday Polish school in Sheffield and the Welcoming Cultures project.

With a Master in Environmental Engineering she is passionate to promote the recycling art and work along with artists, third sector organisations and creative individuals.

 It is a collaboration between the artist and the land. Asia cherishes this connection with nature. She feels that the artistic exchange between the land and the artist opens up many opportunities. From a young age she has believed: “You can create anything once you see it in your mind.”

Asia established Sheffield Community Art project with love for recycling and community.

What does a loving community mean?

A community requires love, freedom and harmony for a peaceful co-existence.

This can be achieved by better understanding of our emotions and needs. The Art is one of the ways to explore, experience and express it.

For the past few years Asia has been involved with Mums United charity organisation. She has been delivering several workshops for children, young people and their parents. The aim of them is to build a free of violence and healthy relationships.

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